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Sean MorseSean Morse

Managing Member/President

Sean first delved into the world of computing as a teenager in the mid-80’s when his father sold the family's Atari 2600 to buy a home computer from Radio Shack. "But Dad, how are we going to play games now?" "Well, you'll have to create your own," he said. Sean never did get very far into writing games, but he did become hooked on writing code.

In the early 90's, Sean worked for Pick Publications (later Pick, Inc.) as a Data Processing Associate, learning the world of marketing data using Prime mainframes, 9-track tapes, and hard drives too heavy for a single person to lift.  Working his way up to Data Processing Manager, he developed several new initiatives, became Editor of the Michigan Manufacturers Directory, and guided the company into the world of modern servers and the early days of the internet.

In the early 2000's, Sean began his tenure at Burnett Direct -- a well-respected Marketing Service Bureau. He got the chance to work with top-notch developers and analysts and helped contribute to the success of a well-oiled machine. He's fortunate enough to continue working with some of those very same pros at PDS. He's motivated by the process of collaborating with brilliant people to solve complex problems. "I really live for that stuff."

These days, much of his free time is spent on music, as both the keyboardist for Detroit Soul Revue, and the owner/engineer of The Mission Recording Studio.

Brian AllenBrian Allen

Managing Member/Vice-President

Brian serves as the operational head of PDS and keeps things running smoothly. He is also the lead on PDS’s data management projects, using his 30+ years of experience in the marketing field to deliver high-quality results to our customers.

In college, he developed a love for data, particularly for how it is used in the decision-making process for business. Upon graduation, Brian went to work in the Site Selection field, where he helped national retailers pinpoint locations for retail expansion all across the country. Since then, Brian has held various marketing-related positions, including research analyst, geo-demographer, database administrator, and data processing solutions manager, whereby he has honed his analytical, tactical, and client service skill sets. While employed at Burnett Direct in the 2000’s, he rubbed elbows with some of PDS’s senior team members and is excited to be working alongside them today, providing great solutions to our clients.

Brian has been the team lead on a wide range of PDS projects, from big data initiatives to smaller one-off specialty projects. He enjoys getting to know our clients, learning about their marketing goals and challenges, and helping them to solve bottlenecks in their operation. He looks at each project like solving a puzzle, piece-by-piece you build until you see the whole smash.

When away from the office, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, playing piano, and a good round of golf.

Patti FlaniganPatti Flanigan

Partner/Development Director

While Patti was studying Computer Information Systems in college, she found her passion for programming. As president of the student chapter for the Data Processing Management Association, Patti also discovered just how much she loved helping others pursue their goals in the industry.

She decided to combine her knowledge of programming and her love of teaching others by working as a computer applications instructor for the first 10 years of her career.  Eventually, Patti decided to focus entirely on database development and custom programming, where she has spent more than 20 years.

Patti joined the PDS team in 2011 as a Senior Analyst. She is responsible for backend application development and front-end web applications. Patti couldn’t love her job more and the wonderful team of professionals with whom she shares her days.

When not focusing on projects for PDS, Patti enjoys her two grown children and her two rescue dogs, Selah and Charlie.

Patty FerribyPatty Ferriby

Partner/Account Manager

Patty started with Burnett Direct Inc. (PDS’s predecessor company) in April 2000 as a list acquisition research assistant and client service specialist. Always rising to challenges and new responsibilities, Patty eventually became owner Mark Burnett’s executive assistant and trusted bookkeeper.

Now with PDS, she continues to build upon her list acquisition expertise and provides comprehensive services and unique data solutions. Patty’s clients can always depend on her guidance and expertise when they’re looking for the best list for their marketing efforts. She most enjoys getting to know her clients and their specific marketing needs, as well as working together with the amazing team at PDS.

Patty currently lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, daughter, and granddog, Rickey. In her free time, Patty enjoys cooking, gardening, swimming, and most of all, spending time with her family.