4 Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Contactless Future

Contactless payments are just one way to future-proof your business.The pandemic of 2020 and beyond has been an intense adjustment for most people. 

Schools, businesses, and even social services have all had to change in response to the social distancing safety guidelines that went into effect. There were those who adapted well, and others who did not. The pandemic has forced businesses to change in response to how people have also changed the way they consume products. This experience has pushed us closer toward a contactless future of business.

If your business is not currently contactless, consider why not. You might not be able to make the full switch, but consider adapting your business with some of the tips below for a more contactless experience. 

1. Open an eCommerce Option for Your Business

Physical spaces are great for business - they share your brand, are stationary advertising, and are a stable part of your community. However, brick and mortar locations typically require in-store transactions. With travel and shopping more difficult during the pandemic, having an online presence is necessary. Consider Shopify or WordPress as good first steps toward making your products available online.

2. Consider New Payment Methods (Think Contactless)

Physical contact is one of the most likely ways of passing on the coronavirus. Avoiding that physical contact as much as possible is key to staying healthy. One way you can help avoid physical contact for your customers is by offering different payment options. Instead of exchanging cash, and possibly diseases, consider credit cards, e-wallets, tap payment, and QR codes. Offering a scannable option reduces the contact down to nearly nothing - plus, this option can then be added to your eCommerce store.

3. Manage Your Finances with a Digital Business Account

Modern businesses have many moving parts, including rent, vendors, materials, shipping (more on that in the next section), and more. Consider managing your portfolio with a digital business account to keep track of all expenses. You can also use digital services to process data remotely while collecting it into a central hub. Miss less when you bring everything together.

4. Consider a Delivery Fleet

If you can get your products to your customers more conveniently, you will win their business. Direct to customer products are exceptionally successful, especially now. Outsource to a service like Grubhub, or cut out the middleman and do it yourself, saving money in the process.

Adapt Your Business to the Needs of Your Modern Customers

Businesses have struggled in the last year to stay open and safe. The most successful ones have found ways to digitally offer their products and services or with as little contact as possible. Progressive Data Services is here to help your team gain the power of digital resources. Our team of experts can help your business adapt to include digital offerings for your customers from database management and analytics to web app development. Give us a call today.

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