Did You Switch to Remote Work? 5 Ways to Encourage Teamwork Through Communication

A laptop sits on a table next to a mug of coffee, a houseplant, and a sign that reads The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much change to our world and our country. Social distancing policies have prompted kids to stay home from work and many businesses to close. For those able to continue working, remote work or working from home has become necessary. Some people have worked from home in the past, so making the switch has not been tough. For others without that experience, the transition can be difficult.

No matter what side your team falls on, if you have not been operating in a remote work situation, there are some adjustments you will need to make. Communication is one of the defining aspects of a productive team, and one thing that often falls off when teams switch to remote work.

Here are five ways you can help your team through productive and effective communication. 

Tip #1: Be Proactive

It’s easy to chat with people and ask questions when you see them around the office. When your team works from home, you will need to proactively reach out to your staff to keep them connected. Try to check in early and often trying to be light, but also emphasizing your expectations so no one gets blindsided.

Tip #2: Schedule Daily Check-In Meetings

When people have a plan, they can follow it. Daily calls with your entire team first thing in the morning help you set the tone for the day, every day. Using the morning check-in, you can identify issues and priorities right away. You can also take the pulse of your team and follow up with anyone who needs it. 

Tip #3: Use Your Staff’s Preferred Communication Tools

Some friends prefer to text while others like to call. The same is true for your employees. Find out their preferred method of communication and use it. This approach may seem overwhelming if you have a large team, but you could try grouping people with similar preferences and touching base with them in batches. Also, find a way to have meetings with your entire team - we strongly recommend video calls. 

Tip #4: Use Video Calls Often

Video calls are a close second to seeing someone in person. Video calls allow you to connect with your team face-to-face which is important when you wouldn’t otherwise see them. People used to daily interactions with others can feel isolated, now more than ever. 

Tip #5: Keep Your Team’s Culture Alive!

You may not be in the office, but bring those good vibes into your work from home offices! The spirit of your group is what will keep it moving and working through the tough times. Take the time to chat a bit before you dive into the business of a meeting. Bring some informal time into the workday so you and your team can continue to relate to each other as people instead of unseen workers behind a screen. 

Keep Your Team Strong with Progressive Data Solutions

Follow the steps above to keep your team focused, connected, and comfortable during this strange time. Despite the need for remote work, Progressive Data Solutions is here to help your company meet its digital marketing needs. From web app development to database management and analytics, we are here to help your team succeed. 

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