Do Gaming Companies Need a Database Marketing Service?

Database Marketing in the Gaming Sector | Progressive Data - iStock-1170073827In the world of modern gaming, database management is undoubtedly a key ingredient in the recipe for success. After all, there could be thousands of concurrent players and transactions, meaning data usage is sky-high. Every aspect of the gaming experience is affected by data. Unsurprisingly, then, database marketing can be a useful addition.

In this blog, Progressive Data Services will discuss how database marketing can increase your ROI and keep game play at its peak. Take a closer look at how we can help you today.

What is Database Marketing in Gaming?

Database marketing is a type of direct marketing that focuses on collecting a variety of datasets from an individual—in this instance, a gamer—before subsequently analyzing the data to deliver “a personalized experience for each customer”. It allows companies to market their gaming products and services in the way that customers actively want.

The gaming industry penetrates an audience of over 3 billion worldwide players, and it is one of the fastest-evolving sectors. Therefore, everyone in the company should feel comfortable in making data-driven decisions that will support the pursuit of a better bottom line. Database marketing can support this.

The Benefits of Gaming Database Marketing Services

Database marketing sets out to achieve several goals that ultimately all link back to the concept of providing a personalized and improved consumer experience. Professional database marketing services and analytics can unlock the full potential of the datasets collected from your gamers. It can;

  • Create clear distinctions between loyal and high-value customers compared to first-time or occasional players.
  • Build personalized marketing campaigns and interactions as defined by pre-set triggers and behaviors.
  • Ensure that marketing efforts reach the right people in the right places while eradicating wasted actions on outside audiences.

Our gaming database marketing services deliver optimal accuracy and act on customer data in a timely way to maximize your hopes of further transactions. It additionally leaves your teams to focus on actively developing the games and providing the in-game experiences that keep players engaged. After all, successful marketing campaigns are irrelevant if the product doesn’t live up to expectations.

Database Management’s Role in Database Marketing

Database marketing services can be used in a wide range of business sectors, and the gaming industry can benefit greatly from the integration of database management. The data collected will give marketing teams a far clearer insight into the habits shown by individual players and subgroups within your gaming community.

Furthermore, by combining database management and database marketing efforts, it is possible to make calculated decisions to support your current and ongoing situations. Examples include;

  • Provide high availability, meaning low unscheduled downtime rates. This means players can actually play the games, removing a very common source of frustration.
  • Deliver low latency rates for smooth gaming experiences and consistent transactions, which is vital for the CX as well as the company’s ongoing revenue opportunities.
  • Offer automatic elastic scaling capabilities, meaning you can handle spikes in traffic, which may occur when updates like new maps are introduced.

In short, database marketing services won’t only ensure that the game generates interest from the right audiences, including leads and existing players. Crucially, it strengthens the link between marketing and in-game experiences, focusing on increased personalization and engagement. In turn, gaming companies can build bigger audiences and unlock increased individual customer lifetime values. For that reason, database marketing is a must.

Database Marketing For Michigan Gaming Companies

Progressive Data Services offers comprehensive data management and analysis solutions that empower you to meticulously explore and oversee your customer data collections. This establishes a structured foundation capable of driving enhanced response rates and maximizing ROI for your marking initiatives. Collaborating with us provides your business with an unparalleled comprehension of its customer demographic, enabling the creation of a laser-focused marketing campaign that genuinely captivates your audience.

Increase your understanding of your clientele and let the professionals at PDS handle your data management. Contact our marketing experts today to learn more about we can increase your gaming platforms and your sales.

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