Top 5 Email Marketing Etiquette Tips to Keep Your Audience Happy

Original article published 4/22/21

At this point, the wonders of email marketing are no secret. After all, 90% of modern internet users have email addresses, and evidence suggests that targeting these individuals can lead to open rates of 20.56%. This benefit pairs nicely with an ROI of around $42 for every $1 you spend.

This invitation into people’s inboxes doesn’t guarantee that your efforts are going to be perceived well. Instead, email success is about following some crucial etiquette expectations, the most important of which we’re going to consider here. 

Always Get Permission

The opt-in nature of email marketing is, in large part, where its power lies, but enjoying this plus point relies on your recipients actually opting in to begin with. Far from being just an etiquette pointer, this is a legal requirement, and you’ll soon find yourself in hot water (and failing to sell) if you start using information supplied without express permission.

Make sure that isn’t the case by always getting customers to either actively tick a box to receive sales materials, or sign up for a newsletter that shows their interest and gives you the marketing green light.

Prioritize Personalization

An astounding 82% of companies report that personalized emails improve open rates. After all, you’re landing in people’s personal inboxes and, just as a ‘dear sir/madam’ tag is unlikely to land anyone a job, a generic, ill-research marketing email probably won’t get you far. Customers are far more likely to take a little time for companies who have taken the time to understand their location, shopping habits, and more. Take these things into account when drafting up your next marketing email campaign.

Cater for All Devices

In an age where 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices, you also need to make sure that you’re catering to everyone with responsive email designs. Fail to factor this and you eliminate almost half your audience, irritating them with slow load times, improper formatting, and an approach that generally fails to take everyone’s needs into account. Be sure to take the time to ensure your emails are properly visible on all platforms in order to entice your audience.

Ensure Quality

Just like your wider marketing focuses, these emails are sending a message about who you are. If there are spelling mistakes and layout issues, clients will rightfully click off before they’ve even seen what you have to say. Instead, always proofread your emails, running them through grammar checkers and ensuring second opinions to keep mistakes from happening.. 

Don’t Trap Your Audience

Too often, companies try to make opt-out processes as convoluted and hard to find as possible, but this does nothing other than turn previously receptive customers against you. Instead, you should aim to keep opting out transparently and simplified so that whoever you’re sending emails to is happy, not frustrated, with your efforts. Put simply, keep the verbiage concise and readable.

Get Professional Help with Your Email Marketing Lists from the Experts

Here at PDS, we’re on hand to make sure that your email marketing is always on point. We use targeted mailing lists that ensure you understand not only what your customers want, but also how every single email marketing effort lands. With our help, you can tailor, adjust, and ultimately impress with your emails every single time. Give our team a call today.

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