Retail Web Design & Development Features You Shouldn’t Overlook

Web Design Features in Retail | Progressive Data - ecommerce-4849055_1280Global eCommerce revenue is set to hit US $3.65 trillion in 2023, highlighting the importance of web app development and online applications for your retail business.

Whether the company works exclusively in the digital landscape or uses online sales to supplement its offline ventures, effective websites, and custom web apps can transform the business forever. 

The Importance of Retail Web Development

Web app development and online applications are now key business assets across multiple industries. For a retail company, though, an advanced website will;

  • Generate increased brand awareness,
  • Build a great first impression on new leads,
  • Establish trust in the brand,
  • Facilitate sales to boost conversion rates,
  • Grow stronger customer relations.

Websites and online applications are a significant part of the consumer’s journey, from discovery to purchase and loyalty. While building them from scratch can feel costly and time-consuming, custom web apps celebrate the brand's uniqueness and support great scalability.

The back-end operations will require technical skills like coding and creative visions. It’s also necessary to bring servers, apps, and databases together to unlock the back-end operation's full potential. 

Essential Features for Retail Web Design

Hiring an app development team that actively advises you on the must-have features is always the preferred route. Still, an understanding of the key features used by a retail web app will allow you to provide a better brief and understand your data requirements. Here are five that commonly get overlooked:

Mobile Optimization

The way that consumers access websites has changed dramatically in recent years. Just ten years ago, 16% of all traffic came from mobile. Today, that number has grown to 60%. When back-end operations are built with mobile users in mind, the customer experience will improve while simultaneously boosting your Google ranking. Ignore it; you’ll turn over half of your potential audience away.

Hero Image

The hero image is a full-width, above-the-fold image that is essentially the first thing a user will see when opening your eCommerce website. It sets the tone for your web design and the mood for the visitor’s consumer experience. When combined with fast loading times, your custom web app will create the desired first impression. Given that it takes less than a second for users to start forming an opinion, this feature is vital.

Search Bar

Many customers who navigate your retail website will already know the product they are looking for. Rather than searching multiple pages and filters, they could find the product in seconds with a search bar. Up to 69% of all consumers head straight to the search bar. When yours is prominently placed and responsive, conversion rates will improve.


Customer care is vital for any successful retail company, primarily online. However, 67% of consumers now prefer self-service customer care rather than speaking to someone. A chatbot satisfies this desire while also allowing visitors to get the quick answers they deserve. The presence of this modern feature simultaneously paints the business in a professional tone.

Content (Blog)

The value of SEO should be obvious. After all, the other elements of your blog count for nothing if nobody knows of its existence. However, it’s equally important to have a well-written and engaging blog. The content keeps your website engaging and gives visitors a reason to return. It also offers a chance to showcase brand personality and promote products and their capabilities in a way that adds genuine value.

This should also be supported by advanced data management and analytics, like those offered by Progressive Data, to deliver personalized experiences across omnichannel interactions.

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