Reasons Good Data Quality Improves Your Email Hygiene

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Originally posted on 07/25/2019

Harnessing the potential of an email marketing program has many professionals focusing on creating engaging content. This push toward an enticing email leads them to pour effort into building personal connections and optimizing subject lines and call outs. The content will always be valuable to connect with a target audience, no matter where they are along the buyer’s journey. But if your awesome content doesn’t get in front of their eyes, it can’t help you.

Taking time to collect reliable data while practicing good email hygiene leads to more successful marketing campaigns. Having an engaged audience raises the chances for your content to get opened and read. Look for improved engagement rates and a drop in spam complaints - great numbers to report.

Follow our tips below save you time while getting your organization on track with a more streamlined email marketing plan.

All New Contacts Must Opt-In

Anyone can click a button on a website, but having an additional opt-in step helps ensure engagement by requiring your visitor to actively choose to enter your email list. With an opt-in step, the user understands what they agree to, which ends up pre-selecting more interested people. 

There is a simple change to add the opt-in step. Place a checkbox to gain the user’s consent before adding them to your list. If done in person, send a follow-up email explaining who you are, what services you provide, and what the user can expect from your emails. Prepare your audience and then deliver your amazing content!

Protect Yourself from Bad Data

Third-party data can be helpful in specific cases. However, they typically end up hurting your reputation, thus breaking apart your brand instead of building it. The dangers of bad third-party data include scraped data, emails pulled off the internet in a bad-faith, and data purchasing, a common practice that usually isn’t transparent for users. These practices lead to high bounce rates and spam complaints, typically ending with a blacklisted status.

Check Emails and Remove Unengaged Contacts

Good email hygiene includes regular check-ups. There are many tools online to verify email addresses, including Verify Email that has single and bulk list options. Also, make sure to monitor engagement (email opens, click-throughs, and conversions). Focusing on engaged users is more effective than “convincing” disengaged audience members. Trim consistently unengaged users to streamline your email list’s potential.

Work with an Experienced Mailing List and Data Management Provider

Progressive Data Services provides data management and analytics, web app development, and mailing list services for clients with businesses of all sizes looking to expand their customer offerings and internal potential. If you are ready to bring data quality improvements to your email list, give us a call today.

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