What is Personalization and its Benefits for Direct Marketing?

A man in a suit reaches toward an overlay of the words Business is meant to connect people with services and products they need or want. Too often, companies end up appearing like they don’t care about their customers. Instead, it seems they are trying to sell to anyone who will buy from them. No one wants to feel unimportant. This need to be treated individually leads to our point - personalization is key to effective marketing campaigns. This post will define personalization and its benefits. 

What is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is a strategy that shifts the focus to initiatives, messages, and actions that target a specific individual client or customer, real or imagined. A marketer can achieve this approach through data analysis and market research. Sometimes called one-to-one marketing, personalized marketing considers the needs of customers as being individual and important. It is the opposite of mass marketing, which appeals to the general public or a large audience. 

Why Does Personalization Matter?

Personalized marketing is effective for several reasons.

  1. People Like Feeling Important - Using a person’s name is like tapping into their most treasured valuable. When you use someone’s name, they are more likely to listen to you and more likely to feel comfortable with you. When you use someone’s name in direct mailing, they are more likely to read and respond or take action.
  2. Prioritizes the Customer Experience - People get overwhelmed by having too many options. Information overload gets reduced through personalization. Through this method, people have a clearer action path, so a decision is easier to make. 
  3. Emphasizes Relevance - People’s brains constantly ignore the rabble and focus on the most important information. Think about the last time you were at a busy restaurant during lunch. It was probably difficult to hear most people, but if someone used your name, you could pick it out and listen to that person more closely. Personalization captures audience interest through the relevance of the material presented. 

Building your mailing list can be difficult if you don’t know where to start or you aren’t sure how to get to the next level. Progressive Data Solutions has many services that emphasize your marketing approaches to gain more traction with consumers. Our experts can help you develop your direct mailing program and make it a more personalized experience for your audience. 

Give us a call today at (248) 313-9120 today to begin building your mailing list. 

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