Best Ways to Use Data Hygiene

Good data hygiene impacts your company by removing redundancies, streamlining your data, and ensuring the accuracy of reports so you can have the most tailored, client-centered solutions that will drive your business to the next level. Good quality data is a differentiator between companies that make a difference and those that don’t. Below are the top ways you can ensure the highest quality data in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with data hygiene.

Develop a Data Quality Plan

Having solid goals and expectations for your data will set you up for long term success. Creating data quality key performance indicators (KPIs) will help establish benchmarks to measure if your data quality is up to your expectations. Finding regular points to hold KPI check-ins will keep you informed continuously about the health of your data. Explore common data quality errors, where they occur, and how you can combat them.

Streamline Contact Data Upon Entry

It is possible for healthy and unhealthy data to enter the system. But maintaining healthy data is not possible when unhealthy data invades your CRM. To prevent future problems, check data as it enters your system. This proactive approach will help you catch duplicates. Creating a team standard operating procedure (SOP) will also help you ensure only the highest quality data enters your CRM.

Validate Your Data

Validating the accuracy of your data in real-time is possible and recommended. List import tools can clean information and save you time, effort, and money. No matter which tool your team chooses to use, make sure it offers email verification. Combining high-quality data with appropriate tools that efficiently merge various data sets creates effective marketing.

Identify Duplicate Data

Duplicate data sets bring costly, preventable problems to your workstream. Records with duplicate data cause extra campaign and general maintenance spending. Duplicates can hurt your brand reputation, cause inaccurate reporting, and lead to negative customer experiences.

Progressive Data Services offers database management and analytics services to help your company work more efficiently and accurately. Contact us today to chat through how we can help your business with data hygiene solutions.


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